Storytelling Family Photographer in Sudbury

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Including your pets is so important in family portraits. They are part of your lives. This family brought their horses to their session and it was so beautiful to capture them riding along with posed portraits. As a storytelling family photographer in Sudbury and a former photojournalist these are my favorite type of sessions.  It’s … [ READ MORE ]

Boston Newborn Photographer | Framingham MA Photographer

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If you are looking for a Boston Children’s Photographer or a family photographer in Framingham, MA please visit Paula Swift Photography – to find out more information about booking a photography session. Paula Ferazzi Swift is a Certified Professional Photographer with over 17 years of professional photography experience. Paula Swift, a former staff photojournalist at the Worcester Telegram & Gazette newspaper in Worcester, MA also holds two college degrees in the field of photography. Paula Swift Photography has won awards for her newborn, baby, children, family, maternity and high school photography through the Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts and Professional Photographers Association of New England. You will find Paula Swift Photography’s 2000 sq ft studio spaces in Framingham, MA the heart of Metrowest Boston just about 18 miles west of the city of Boston. Paula Swift also travels throughout Massachusetts and New England for on location sessions. Paula’s photography specialties include maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography, children photography, family photography, high school senior photography, engagement photography, sports photography, and freelance photojournalism.

The Good News & the Bad News | All 2010 Photography Sessions Are Booked | Boston Photographer

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I always hate when people say, ” well I’ve got good news and bad news…which do you want to hear first?” I know personally I rather hear the bad first, so I am hopefully pleasantly surprised by the good at the end. So here it goes…

The Bad News… All Photography Sessions at Paula Swift Photography are booked for 2010. I just can’t fit anymore in our busy shooting schedule, I’m sorry. November is booked solid with children and family photography sessions with December already chock full with studio portraits and in home newborn photography sessions that are on their way. I smell another baby boom in the midst.

but hold on…

The Good News … I know some of you may not need sessions for the holidays while others are expecting in December. So you might want to take advantage of the special we are offering: 20% off all Full Photography Sessions in January and February 2011. Yes, this includes our Maternity , Newborn, Children and Family full studio portrait sessions in our Framingham studio, on location throughout Massachusetts, and in home photography sessions. We can’t offer this great discount on our popular 30 minute mini sessions or commercial work we offer.

Don’t forget to join/ “Like” our Facebook Business where you can get up to date news on what is going on at Paula Swift Photography that the blog sometimes is delayed on posting about. Our Facebook business page has become a quicker way to let our clients know about specials, view current session images , last minute session appointment openings and even when we are looking for models for upcoming projects. CLICK HERE to” LIKE “our page. Those of you who are already Fans … thank you!

Stay Tuned more sessions to be blogged soon …

Here are two recent favorites from a family and children’s portrait session at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline 🙂


and two sneak peeks from a family and children’s photography session at historic Public Gardens in Boston 🙂

Stress-Free Holiday Photography Tips | Boston Children’s Photographer

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Now that Halloween is over; the holidays will be here before we know it. ( yes I know ducking my head, they are really coming and quickly)

That means its time to start thinking about your photos for the holiday cards you’ll be sending this season. Hopefully you’ve already booked your holiday photography session with a professional photographer in your area.

If not, perhaps you’ll attempt to capture your children yourselves this year for your annual holiday card?

I thought it might be helpful to share a few tips that will help you get the most out of your holiday photography shoot with the least amount of stress.

Plan ahead: This is key to capturing your children naturally with the least amount of stress. Avoid nap time or that time of the day when your children might not be at their best – better know in my house as the “bewitching If your children are sick the day you planned your shoot – POSTPONE IT. Trust me, if your children don’t feel well and are cranky it will show in the final portraits – its just not worth the stress. That’s a key in my photography NO STRESS! 🙂

Dress for Success: Plan the clothing out ahead of time.
It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be wearing your holiday best or a more casual timeless look – you need to plan it out!
Stay away from loud large logos or clothing that clashes. The “rainbow look” for families went out with the the 1980s so always consider timeless apparel. Dress your children in clothing that’s comfortable and that fits them properly. It’s always best to try on the clothing before the shoot…not the day of the shoot. Nothing is worse than ripping off the price tags as you arrive at the studio and learn that the clothing doesn’t fit your child properly. If your photo shoot is outdoors dress for the weather. If its cold outside dress them in layers or in coats that compliment their outfits. If its hot make sure they won’t get over heated. Another key thing in my photography is comfort. If you’re children are comfortable in their clothes they’ll be happy and content which makes my job easier.
Remember not everyone has to match but its best that everyone has coordinating colors in their outfits. Remember, you want your portraits to be about your children, not their clothing. Unless you’re going with a fun idea that features the outfit – then go for it. 🙂

Have Fun: Stress is normal but don’t let it dominate the day. Once you’ve stressed about your clothing before the big day – Let the stress go & enjoy your session. If your children feel your stress for getting the perfect photo, they will be stressed too. I can assure you that if you bring stress to the session the shoot won’t go as planned. Let your children be themselves. Let them laugh, crying or run around – this is what tells the story of your child so don’t try to control the environment. If things aren’t going well in the studio ( or your home), take them outdoors where they can be themselves. Local parks, playing in the leaves, at the beach (if you’re in a warmer climate) and at play always help children feel more comfortable.

Minor props are acceptable but don’t let them dominate the photo. I prefer simple things like a holiday book to flip through or a favorite toy to play with. These can help young children to feel comfortable during the photo shoot as well.

For those of you attempting to capture your children yourselves turn off the flash. Use natural light indoors and out.

Be sure to get down to your children’s level. I like to lay on my belly and look up at them or have them lay down. Use creative high & low angles and get up close capture their faces and expressions.

Never shoot in full sunlight because it causes squinting and raccoon eyes. The best time of day to shoot during the holidays is before 9:30am and after 3pm.

Just because its the holidays doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a holiday themed shoot. Again think timeless…you want the recipient of your holiday cards and photos to keep the photos and not throw them out or in their holiday card drawer when the holidays are over.

I love to capture my three children all year long at the beach, in the leaves and in the snow. Usually my holiday photo card doesn’t even say “holidays” but I can slip the image into a holiday card or choose a card template that says holidays. I love showing friends and family what my children look like without having to worry about it screaming holiday photo. Holding hands and walking, playing ring-around-the-rosey, or even just sitting singing their favorite song takes the edge off and offers those natural smiles and contagious giggles that I love.

Finally, don’t force your children to get their pictures taken. Any parent knows that the more you try to get them to do something the more they’ll resist. Try to make it fun and of course a little bribery reward goes a long way . I know first hand with my three busy boys a special treat for those adorable smiles work very well 🙂

Enjoy your holiday shoot and remember to have fun.

I hope you find these tips helpful for your holiday photo shoot. Please feel free to leave anything ideas that have work for you in the comment area.

Here are some children photography session shoots examples that I feel would work on any holiday card …


Children’s Author Portraits | Professional Portraits MA

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I had so much fun photographing talented children’s author Jaqueline Davies. We started in the studio first and then headed to a local park to capture her in a variety of relaxed and natural poses. She was a natural and just followed my lead. It was a change of pace from my recent flow of … [ READ MORE ]