Wow what an incredible weekend I just had at PPAM: the Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts Awards. It started out with lots of great speakers then the annual print competition which I sat through all 4.5 hours of, its addicting to watch prints judged. I entered prints again this year, being my second time around I felt a little less confident after seeing how the judging works, it a very humbling experience but you learn so much.  I definitely feel entering these type of competitions blindly are much easier on the ego…hahaha. However I did “pretty well”. 🙂

I received 3 Blue Merit Ribbons and 2 Red ribbons. 

I also received Judge’s Ribbon for “In the Spotlight:..which is given out to a print they really like after the competition, only six ribbons are given out.

Then they held the awards ceremony Sunday night. I was planning on going but had a few members ask me if I was going to the ceremony and I really “should” go to the ceremony. I thought..hmmmm maybe I am getting an award. So I asked my very very supportive husband to come with me…just incase. I know he would love to be there if I get an award and would hate for him to miss it.

Well I got 4 awards!!!!!!

The first award I got was the Hallmark Award for Best Color Portrait for “The Journey”. I sat down with this huge trophy and was just soaking it all in when my name was called again. My husband had to nudge me to go back up there. I then received the Highest Scoring Portrait award sponsored by Lustre Color for ” Roots and Wings”. The print received a 93 which is pretty hard to get…from what the Masters told me.  Then I was able to watch some other talented photographers win awards; Ed Pedi, Nancy Green, Dan Doke, Stephen Sedman and Jenn Hudson. If you don’t know there them and visit their sites. Awesome work. My name was then called again for the Kodak Gallery Portrait Award for “Roots and Wings” and then one more time for the Court of Honor Portrait Award for “Roots and Wings”.  Its starting to soak in now as I get back to reality with family and the business. I was on cloud nine for the past 36 hours with very little sleep.

What was amazing way to finish off the convention with an incredible speaker; Mike Fulton of Tricoast Photography in Texas. He has photographers laughing, crying and captivated all day long. We were all exhausted for the 3 previous days but none of us wanted to miss a word he shared. 

Thank you to so many people who helped me with my selection process of images and how to make them competition worthy. I almost didn’t even enter “Roots and Wings” after hearing silhouettes don’t fair well at competition. After a few tweaks I decided to enter it…and boy am I happy I did.

And to my amazing husband and mom who helped me every day with the kids so I can go to events like this and still do photography, my true passion. Those of you know how hard it is with kids, my 3 boys are so incredible and understanding when “momma” is off doing her “photo stuff”. My sister Gina who inspired me to become a photographer over 20 years ago after tagging along with her on photo shoots at the paper and being in front of the camera for her “ideas”…thank you!  Gina is still a pro and shooting at the LA Times.


Below are the images that were awarded merits, ribbons and these major state awards. 


Scored 93 Blue Ribbon Merit Superior Category

Received Highest Scoring Portrait Award sponsored by Lustre Color

Kodak Gallery Award 

Court of Honor Award: Portrait

“The Journey”

Scored 85 Blue Merit Ribbon Excellent Category

Received the Hallmark Award for Best Color Portrait



Scored 80 Blue Ribbon Merit

Received Judges Choice Ribbon




Scored 77 Red Ribbon



Scored 76 Red Ribbon


This photo was taken of me at the end of the Awards ceremony by Tracy Gilford. He is a professional photographer here in Massachusetts who donates his own time and talent to take photos at all the PPAM events. He was great and gave me a cd of images he had taken of me. Of course I didn’t have a camera with me….hahahaha. Thank you Tracy!

My oldest son who is 5 saw the awards sitting on the kitchen island the next morning, as I was rushing out to get back to convention and said ” Mommy did you go to the Oscars last night?” I laughed and said,  ” No but it sure did feel like it”.  He is the little boy in The Journey photograph, he asked if I could make a print up for his room and to bring to school to show his teachers and friends. I have a feeling he may be the next up coming photographer…watch out world in 15 years! 🙂 You know what happens when you are tired of being in front of the camera…you get behind it.


Here is my PSA for all the photographers who visit my blog. Join your state PPA, you will learn so much at these conventions and seminars. Its truly inspiring to hear all these photographers speak and who give back to their fellow photographers and peers. Even just sitting down at lunch with photographers in your state you truly learn so much. The best part is you feel energized when back and want to put all you learned into your skill and business. As Nike would say…Just Do it!   🙂