Baystateparent  was recently awards 11 National Design and Editorial Awards from Parenting Publications of America.

“The publications conference was held in New Orleans with regional parenting magazines from all over the United States.
In addition to networking and exchanging ideas and resources, baystateparent competed with other publications in various design and editorial categories for the year 2008 and were judged by professionals from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism.  Winners of the 11 awards for baystateparent were Paula Monette Ethier, creative director; Steven King, voted as New England’s photographer of the year by the New England Press Association, Paula Swift, award-winning photographer; Carrie Wattu, editor.”

I photographed  the cover image for their Gold win in the Front Cover/Newsprint: Original Photo category. It was the Think Pink issue with Anne Meisner with her 2 very adorable boys, as story about an incredible breast cancer survivor.

Here are some of what the judges said: “Gold: BayStateParent; “October 2008”; Paula Monette Ethier, Paula Swift

“The clean, simple photograph will draw attention, and the triangle formed with the hands will keep viewers’ eyes in the photograph. The theme of the issue is clear because of the pink clothing and typography. Interior Photography (Original)”

Congratulations to the staff at Baystateparent!

Here is the award-winning cover designed by Paula Ethier and photography by Paula Swift.