Every year I drag my boys to the beach…well ok not drag them. They love the beach but there is always some bribing included when my cameras come with us to get the younger two to cooperate for the annual swift boys shoot. My oldest loves to be photographed and tells me one day he wants to work with me. I may hold him to that one.  The promise of an icecream cone from their favorite ice cream place: Ocean Park Icecream Parlor is all it took this time. I don’t usually get to photograph them in time for christmas cards, so beach is the time to do it.  I think this is my favorite session of them yet. The location was beautiful, Pine Point Maine and the sunset was just gorgeous. A perfect combo for my boys on the go.  We brought down one of the beach boats which added as a nice prop and kept them where I wanted. Unfortunately the boat decided to drift off into the sunset towards the end of the shoot. My middle guy was so strong as he waved goodbye and wished it a nice trip…yelling “maybe I’ll see you next year” 🙂  Here are some favorites…